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Customers who bundle car and home insurance save up to $250 on average Footnote *

You're in the driver's seat when protecting your vehicle

The below coverage options are available for Québec.

Standard coverage includes:

  • Property damage
  • Vehicle damage
  • Vehicle theft

Additional options include:

  • Decreasing deductible
  • Claim protector
  • Satellite Road Assistance

Save on insurance with great discounts!

Multi-Vehicle Discount

Enjoy savings if you or your spouse/common law partner insure multiple vehicles registered to the same address with Aviva Direct. Footnote**

Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Discount

Eligible customers can get up to 10% off their premium for electric vehicles and up to 5% off their premium for hybrid vehicles beginning November 1, 2022. Footnote**

Home & Car Bundle

Insure your primary home and vehicles with Aviva Direct to save an average of $250 on your policy Footnote*

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Car insurance you can trust

Join Aviva Direct to unlock our award-winning claims service – in fact, we won the Gold standard for providing the “Best Auto Claims Experience” in 2024, voted by auto insurance customers on RATESDOTCA.


Frequently Asked Questions

You’re required to provide the following to get a quote:

  • Details of all the drivers in your household (or those who have regular access to the vehicle), if applicable
    • Name(s)
    • Date(s) of birth
    • Driver licence class and year received – the dates G1, G2, G were obtained
    • Driving experience: conviction(s) and claim(s) details
  • Vehicle(s) details
    • Vehicle type (year, make, model)
    • Registered owner’s name, address, contact number
    • Vehicle purchase/lease date
    • How you use your vehicle: for pleasure, commute or business

When you’re ready to buy, keep this information handy:

  • Driver’s licence number(s)
  • The Vehicle Information Number (VIN #) of your vehicle(s)
  • Payment details
  • Leasing/financing company information including name and address, if applicable
  • Driver Training Certificate Footnote1 date and number for all drivers, if applicable
  • Current or previous policy information, if applicable

We consider many factors when determining your auto insurance rate, such as

  • How many years of experience you have as a licensed driver
  • How you use your vehicle—whether for pleasure, commute or business
  • Driving violations (convictions) and past claims
  • Where you live
  • Information about your vehicle including the make, model and model-year

The rates that we propose and use to calculate your premiums are filed with and approved by the regulators.

By law, you’re required to have certain minimum coverages. In addition to this, there are optional coverages that you can choose to extend protection against perceived risks. For example, add-ons such as the Accident Rating Waiver and Conviction Protector will give you an extra layer of protection against rate increase due to an at-fault claim or conviction.

You can choose from additional coverage options that you get after completing the online auto quote. Alternatively, you can opt for just the minimum required insurance as well; we encourage you to call an Aviva Direct insurance agent to get your preferred coverage.

Your quote is valid for 30 days from the date you quote with us, provided that none of the information you gave us changes.

A few ways you could save* on auto insurance:

  • As a first step, get a quote online—it’s free. Also, the coverage options that you get (for your listed vehicles) after completing the online auto quote save you time searching for the right insurance.

  • You could claim your reward for maintaining a good driving record with the Conviction Free Discount!

  • You could save with our Graduated Licensing Discount—applicable for the first year when you move from G1 to G2 or G2 to G.

  • Have a driver training certificate that you can show-off? Make the most of it: a certificate from a ministry-approved driving school earns you credit in terms of your driving record, which may help lower your auto insurance premiums.

  • The best savings come in bundles! As an existing or prospective homeowner (house, condo) or tenant, you or your spouse can bundle your principal home and auto policies with Aviva Direct and benefit from a Combined Policy Discount.

  • Aviva Direct rewards a safety-first approach to driving with the Winter Tire Discount.

  • Multi-Vehicle Discount: insuring more than one vehicle (belonging to you or your spouse) with us is not just a matter of convenience—it’s convenience at a discounted premium.

  • Retiree Discount: If you’re retired, you may benefit from a discount off your premium for accident benefits coverage and uninsured auto coverage.

Your personal auto insurance will not cover you if you’re using your vehicle to carry paying passengers or for a ridesharing service like Uber/Lyft. You will need an add-on like Aviva Direct’s Coverage for Ridesharing. FootnoteCall us to add this endorsement to your policy.

Aviva Direct offers the convenience of shopping for home or auto insurance from the comfort of your home.

  • It’s digital, it’s Direct: in just 3 minutes—and in your own time—you can get a competitive quote and coverage options that work best for you.

  • Personalized touch: with a quick phone call and guidance from our knowledgeable insurance agents, you can bind your policy—confidently.

  • An efficient claims process: Customer service is our number 1 priority. Making an auto insurance claim with Aviva Direct is easy and starts with you filling out an online submission form. Alternatively, you can call 1-866-MY Aviva (1 866-692-8482) to speak with a claim representative. You will have the benefit of working with a dedicated claims team whose goal is to handle your request quickly and fairly.

For vehicles 20 years and older, we will require you to pass a government-approved mechanical safety inspection and obtain a certificate. Once this safety certificate is provided to us, your application will be subject to our review and approval. FootnoteCall us to speak to one of our insurance agents.

You can get a quote for a maximum of 2 vehicles and/or 2 drivers online.

If you are looking to add more vehicles/drivers to your policy, Footnotecall us and our insurance agents will be able to assist you better.